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The world of messaging stopped for six hours, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook all closed, users around the world upset

WhatsApp Down |Instagram Down |Facebook Down| Messaging apps WhatsApp (WhatsApp), Instagram (Instagram) and Facebook (Facebook) suddenly stopped working on Monday evening. After 9:07 pm, neither was able to send or receive any message on WhatsApp. Along with this, Facebook and Instagram also stopped working. However, during this time Twitter was running normally.

However, at 4.30 am on Tuesday, Facebook tweeted and informed that the services have been restored.

Mark Zuckerberg and WhatsApp started trending on Twitter after the service of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram came to a standstill in the whole country and the world. After the social messaging site came to a standstill, people started sharing their experiences on the microblogging site Twitter. At the same time, on opening Facebook, a message is coming – ‘Sorry, something is wrong, we are working on it and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Users told that buffering is happening on opening Facebook and Instagram. If you send a message to someone on WhatsApp, it is not getting delivered. It is being told that due to a technical fault, the servers of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have been down. Only after this #whatsappdown, #instagramdown started trending on Twitter.

Some people even started telling the best on Twitter. One user said that Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram are down again. People from all over the world are now flocking to Twitter, because #whatsappdown #whatsapp #instagramdown.

At least 41 crore people use Facebook in India, while more than 53 crore people use and more than 21 crore people use Instagram. All these three platforms are owned by Facebook. In the case of sending instant messages or sharing photos and social networking, these messaging apps occupy the market in India.

Whatsapp tweeted – soon the problem will go away
has also told users through Twitter that the problem will be resolved soon. wrote- We know that users of are having trouble using it. We are working on fixing it. Very soon we will fix it. Many thanks to all of you for your patience.

It is to be known that the number of people using social media platforms WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram worldwide is in crores. Users are unable to see any new posts on the photo-messaging app Instagram. Upon opening Insta the message appears – This site cannot be reached. Earlier, on March 19, 2021, the service of and Instagram was down for 40 minutes.


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