You are currently viewing Tripura Election Result : ‘Khela sesh’ for TMC as BJP sweeps Tripura civic polls with 329 seats | LIVE…

Tripura Election Result : ‘Khela sesh’ for TMC as BJP sweeps Tripura civic polls with 329 seats | LIVE…

Tripura Election Result : The counting of decisions in favor of more than 200 seats in the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) and other community bodies in Tripura started Sunday morning in the midst of tight security.

The counting of decisions in favor of north of 200 seats in the Agartala Municipal Corporation (AMC) and other city bodies in Tripura started Sunday morning in the midst of tight security.

A State Election Commission official said including began in 13 habitats in every one of the eight regions of the state.

ATripura Election Result : side from typical security courses of action, Tripura State Rifles and focal equipped police power have additionally been sent to keep law and control in regions bordering counting focuses.

5.25 PM: Sushmita Dev addresses India Today on Tripura municipal body survey results

TMC MP Sushmita Dev says the Tripura municipal surveys result was not normal yet the votes collected making TMC the foremost resistance was “surprising”. Dev considers it an ‘propensity’ and says in 2023 there will be a “wave”. She claimed enormous scope fixing in surveys, particularly during Agartala MC surveys.

4.40 PM: Abhishek Banerjee blames BJP for ‘butchering majority rule government’

This is notwithstanding the way that we started our exercises scarcely 3 months prior and @BJP4Tripura investigated every possibility to BUTCHER DEMOCRACY in Tripura.

Congrats to every one of the bold troopers of @AITC4Tripura for their praiseworthy boldness.

4.35PM: National General Secretary of All India Trinamool Congress, Abhishek Banerjee tweets:

“It is exceptional for a party beginning with negligible presence to successfully contest municipal elections and emerge as the PRINCIPAL OPPOSITION in the state with more than 20% vote share,” he wrote

4.24 PM: TMC MP Sougoto Roy’s remarks on Tripura poll loss

“It is a defeat before tyranny. We had moved the Supreme Court but the elections were not free and fair. Voters were not allowed to vote. There was rigging. It is sad for democracy,” TMC MP Sougoto Roy.

Tripura Election Result: 4.05 PM: TMC claims BJP attacked AITC counting Committee member and ward 14 candidate

TMC claimed that AITC counting Committee member Ranthindra and ward 14 candidate Abhiroy Das were allegedly attacked by BJP at Teliamura while returning from the counting center.

3:45 PM: Final result — BJP: 329; CPM: 3; TMC: 1; TIPRA: 1

Out of 222 seats that went to polls, CPI(M) has won in three seats, TMC in one seat and TIPRA Motha in one seat. The BJP won 112 seats uncontested. It was declared the winner in the remaining 217 seats.

3:40 PM: BJP victorious in all 51 wards of Agartala Municipal Corporation.

3:10 PM: Poll results so far — BJP: 329; CPM: 1; TMC: 1; TIPRA: 1

Altogether, there are 334 seats in the urban local bodies, including Agartala Municipal Corporation (51 wards), 13 municipal councils, and six Nagar panchayats in Tripura.

3:05 PM: BJP has won 49 wards out of 51 wards in the Agartala Municipal Corporation. The ruling party is leading in the remaining two seats as well.

Tripura Election Result : 2:00 PM: “No question of TMC winning any seat in the state,” says Tripura Assembly Speaker Ratan Chakraborty.

1:20 PM: “We stand firmly as the strongest Opposition in the state,” says TMC in tweet.

11:00 PM: BJP wins 29 wards out of 51 wards, bagging majority in Agartala Municipal Corporation:

11:52 AM: BJP wins 19 wards in Agartala Municipal Corporation, leading on remaining 32

11:40 AM: BJP surges ahead in counting trends

The BJP is leading in all 13 seats under the Melaghar Municipal Council.

In Belonia Municipal Council, BJP candidates have been declared winners in 11 wards. Counting is underway in the rest.

In Sonamura Nagar Panchayat, the ruling party’s candidates are leading in all 13 seats.

11:30 AM: BJP victory in 9 wards in Agartala Municipal Corporation

Of the 51 wards in the Agartala Municipal Corporation, the ruling BJP has been declared the winner in ward numbers 2, 3, 5,19, 20, 21, 35, 36, and 37. Counting is still underway in the remaining wards and the saffron party is leading on all seats.

11:20 AM: In Ward number 40, BJP’s Sampa Sarkar defeats the nearest TMC rival by 2065 votes.

10:50 AM: BJP wins 12 out of 15 seats in Ambassa Municipal Council

The TMC and CPI(M) candidates won one seat each. With this, the TMC has opened its account in the Tripura urban local bodies elections.

10:15 AM: Ruling BJP wins Khowai, leading in 12 civic bodies

There are total 20 local bodies in Tripura. Of these, BJP has already won seven uncontested. The saffron party has won in Khowai and is currently taken a massive lead in the remaining 12 urban bodies.

10:05 AM: BJP takes the lead in all 51 seats under Agartala Municipal Corporation.

9:30 AM: Three-cornered fight

The electoral contest saw the ruling BJP locked in battle with the Trinamool Congress, which is foraying into the northeast and elsewhere to establish itself as a national party, and with the CPI(M) which the saffron party had dethroned from power in this state some years ago.

Both parties had claimed that the authorities remained silent spectators as BJP supporters attacked political rivals and rigged the election. The saffron party has dismissed the allegations.

9:00 AM: The ruling BJP is leading in Ambassa, Jirania, Teliamura and Sabroom.

8:40 AM: Counting of votes is underway in the Tripura civic body polls. A three-tier security is in place in and around the 13 counting centres in eight districts of the state.

8:30 AM: The ruling BJP has fielded candidates in all seats in the Tripura civic elections and has already won 112 out of the total 334 seats uncontested in the Agartala Municipal Corporation and 19 urban bodies.

In the remaining 222 seats, as many as 785 contestants are in the fray.

Tripura Election Result: The run-up to the Tripura civic body elections were fraught with violence and allegations of rigging and intimidation. The polling itself on Thursday was accompanied by charges of vote malpractices by the Trinamool Congress (TMC) and CPI(M), both of whom had demanded re-polling in various municipalities. The BJP, however, had stoutly denied these charges.

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