World Pharmacist Day 2021: Wishes , quotes , Why celebrate World Pharmacist Day today, know this important information…

World Pharmacist Day 2021: Why is World Pharmacist Day celebrated every year and when did it start?

Today i.e. on 25 September every year World Pharmacist Day is celebrated all over the world. Pharmacists are as important as doctors are for our health. The participation of pharmacists in the health sector cannot be ignored. That is why World Pharmacist Day was started every year, so that people are always aware of their contribution.

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How world pharmacist day started
Talking about the beginning of World Pharmacist Day, the proposal to celebrate this day was placed in 2009 at the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Council meeting held in Istanbul, Turkey. The purpose of this day was to encourage the pharmacy field. The reason behind choosing the day of 25 September was that the International Pharmaceutical Federation was established on this day in 1912.

What is the theme of World Pharmacist Day 2021 (World Pharmacist Day 2021 Theme)

The theme of this year’s World Pharmacist Day by FIP is ‘Pharmacy: Always Trusted for Your Health’. During the Corona period, there was a lot of pressure on hospitals and doctors. Because of which every doctor was paying more attention especially to serious patients. In such a situation, people turned to the pharmacist. Who, while fulfilling their responsibility, provided better advice to less serious patients and improvement in the health of many patients was seen. All this was possible only because of the faith rested in the pharmacist.

(The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only).


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